Relevant Approaches Teaching How To Quickly Get Your Google AdSense Account Fully Approved Within Hours

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It is well known by every Webmaster or Blogger that Google's AdSense remain the most paying Ad Network Partner anywhere, everywhere across the world. However, some Webmasters and Bloggers as well find it difficult and even confusing on getting their Google Adsense Account Application fully Approved. I will want you to rest assured that your application will soon be fully approved after applying these approaches.

Before going into the detail of the purpose of finding yourself here, I will like to take you through my years of experience before getting my Google Adsense account fully approved.

I started blogging sometime around 2014 during my University Industrial Training Programme. I did not even know about an existence of Google Adsense maybe because I was using Free version of Wordpress. And you know will never allow you to place Ad on any of your pages even if you purchase a custom domain. I did blogging for fun until 2015 when I graduated from University then I have fully acquired Web Design and Development using ASP.NET, Javascript, a little bit of Jquery and advance C# code behind. Then, I developed my first website, THE NIGERIAN PIGEON (now shut down), I applied for Google Adsense but to my surprise, I was denied approval. I simultaneously released another online marketplace website, OJUTAYE (also down), same thing I was denied approval.

Then, I attempted creating a sub-domain of OJUTAYE and redirected it to a blogspot, I applied with the blogspot but also got denied. I then gave myself time, did a very lot of online research on getting Google Adsense application approved. I released another website Aso Rock Media, I applied. The wonderful thing here is that after my application around 6:00 PM, I received an email around 6:15 PM from Google Adsense saying my website is approved. I logged in and saw that yes, it is approved but on the second review. The second review almost cause another panic that I have even forgotten about the application when one morning, about two to three weeks later, I got an email from Google Adsense reading, Your website is fully Approved. I was like "It's a lie! I went online to check the application and learned my application is fully approved and that was July 2017. You see the patience of three years must have gather wealth of experience in such a field.

Now let's start looking into approaches to get your Google Adsense fully approved within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Website/Blog Responsiveness:

    This is one of the very few but important things that Google Adsense would put into consideration before your website/blog pass first review. Website/Blog Responsiveness means your website layout must be able to adapt itself and the contents to be user-friendly when being viewed on different platforms. Mostly, your website/blog must be mobile friendly, that is all the contents being displayed on your website must match the screen of any mobile device, no matter how small, medium or bigger it might be. As well, it should behave well when being viewed on Desktop platforms. You can consult anyone with much CSS skills in dealing with this or simply contact us using our contact info (Check any of our navigation bars).

  • Number of Posts:

    There is no actual number of posts being a formal consideration or requirement by Google Adsense in order to get an application approved but it is generally advisable to have a reasonable number of posts published on your website/blog before applying for Google Adsense. Maybe 10, 15 to 25 or 30 posts but all must be original and with enough texts. It is also good to implore you either to use less or better stay away from using pictures while still applying for Google Adsense.

  • Domain:

    Google Adsense often considered your domain level. It is well known that Google Adsense if at all, hardly approve blogs on sub-domain. If you are using Blogspot, kindly purchase a top level domain. It might be, , YourBlogName.CountrySpecific or as you may prefer. Also, make sure you do not apply with a redirecting domain. Apply to Google Adsense using your Primary Top-Level Domain.

  • Website/Blog Contents:

    Recall that Google Adsense will never approve websites with any of its banned contents. Make sure every single word you use in writing your website or blog posts never emulate or use any of the words, phrases or sentences banned by Google Policy.
  • Ad Code Placement:

    Google Adsense do not approve some applicants because they simply did not even present themselves for assessment less talk of approval. Mistakenly some applicants do not copy, and paste Google Adsense code generated for them after the first review. Check yourself "Did you even do anything like copying a code from your Google Adsense and paste it into your website or blog? If No, kindly login to your Google Adsense account and do so. You will see how to implement the code on Google Adsense website.

    However, majority of applicants know that they must copy and paste Google Adsense code and they have done so but in a wrongly manner.

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