Con't: Relevant Approaches Teaching How To Quickly Get Your Google AdSense Account Fully Approved Within Hours

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  • Ad Code Placement

    Yes, some applicants mistakenly disapproved themselves in implementing the generated Google Adsense code for their account's assessment by placing the code on pages with no enough text content. Google Adsense through advice that you are to place the code on pages that receives much traffic, it is advised this does not necessarily need to be your homepage or every page on your website/blog. Let us deep more at this critical stage. You should know the following:

    You should know that Google Adsense only advised you to place on pages that receive much traffic. This simply to allow Google Crawler to discover that the code is implemented on your website.

    That Google Adsense's request that you implement this code on your website/blog is only to authenticate that you are the true owner of the domain with which you have applied for Google Adsense.

    That it is advisable you do not implement this code on your homepage because it contains majorly hyperlink or anchored texts and not plain text.

    That Google Adsense approval at this stage is less or not even related to the amount traffic that your website/blog receives.

    By knowing this, you should ask yourself "Why do I think Google Adsense code must appear on all my website/Blog pages? I think you will have no reasonable answer than to quickly remove the Google Adsense code from those pages with less than 300 words or simply less text.

    If you are using PHP or ASPX website editor, please, do not implement the code in the Header Page (PHP) or Master Page (ASPX). You know those pages are generic. If you are a blogger or using Wordpress, make sure the code is implemented raw at the middle of your contents that you considered having enough text and not in a sidebar or whatsoever layout with generic feature (that would be visible on any page visited on your website). Also, if you are a blogger, go to your Earning page and turn off Show Ad in Pages.
  • Plagiarism:

    Plagiarism is when you publish an article or part of an article that was previously published on another website that is either running Google Adsense and/or having copyright of such an article or part of an article. You should know that Google will always use its robust Plagiarism Detecting Software in connection with Crawler to catch up with any plagiarized content. Recall that plagiarized content may be Videos, Pictures, Quotations, Paragraph, section or even an entire article. The worst part of it is if you are having only one of these on your website or blog, it would be generalized that you have a plagiarised content on your website or blog. However, to avoid this, make sure that every content on your website or blog is original meaning they are written by you from scratch and reference is boldly given to any one quoted.
  • Quality Posts:

    Writing a quality post means your post should have a meaning. It should not deviate from the topic. It should be original, well punctuated, free of much spelling or grammatical errors and should be understandable by the readers. It should be written in a language allowed by Google Adsense and should not be ambiguous.
  • Navigation Issues

    Some applicants rarely place any attention on this very important factor. Google Adsense will definitely disapprove any application where any page on the website/blog throw any kind of page navigation error like error 404, 503 or whatsoever. Kindly use Google Webmaster tool console to monitor the behavior of your website links so you can correct any page error even before Crawler knows and do not forget to mark any reported navigation error corrected on the Webmaster Tool Console.

  • Competitive Ad Network

    Be patient, do not display any competitive Display Ad Network on your website or Blog while applying for Google Adsense. Please, do not implement ad code of other Ad Network while applying for Google Adsense simply because most of them are even intuitive and force users to unwanted online resources.

  • Patience

    Haven done all these, be patience as reviewing your Google Adsense application may take longer maybe two to three weeks or more depends on millions of application on the Google Adsense queue.

Best of Lucks!

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