Five best Nigerian cities suitable for any business

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Factors including availability of source of fund, good transportation network, health care centres, market, consumers, security issues among others are strictly considered to be foremost when deciding establishing a business venture, while these factors remain relevants they should be considered secondary to Location Factor, which decides where the business resides. Considering the paramount attributes attached to deciding where your business is located to attain sustainability, Aso Rock Media would be sharing idea on the influence of location on the future of your business in Nigeria and five best Nigerian cities considered to be suitable to host any business venture.

Establishment of any business venture is not as important as sustaining the existence of the business over a reasonable business life cycle. Many businesses started well but unfortunately crashed when it is expected to attain its peak at transacting, this is however never lack of funds, productivity, consumers, market, access to motorable road; health facilities, communication network or whtsoever network of social amenities as might be considered in determining sustainability of a business venture, rather the busines is paying back for location fallacy committed even before the business started its cycle. Consider a situation where a single factor may deny continuity of a factory's activity situated opposite Army Barrack where security and reasonable number of social amenities could be guaranteed. Consider a situation where bank that deal with money is finding it difficult to continue in a well secured location with motorable roads and effective communication network. Consider when you will think nothing is wrong yet nothing seems working. Hence, consideration of business location comes in.

Let us look into the five Nigerian cities that are considered most suitable to host any business of your desire.

  1. Lagos

    Though, it would be both very simple and complicated for anyone to be narrating if Lagos is a state or a city but all we know is that is a Nigerian Lagos that never sleep; A mega-city as some would prefer to tag it where every ethnicity that ever exist anywher across the planet is well represented; One unbeateable Nigerian city that anyone from anywhere across the globe would want to be in their domain; Lagos, a city where the Whites find very difficult to be part of the Black-World; In short, a mega-city where everyone minds his/her business. Your value is never known in Lagos, you can only measure your ego out of the State of Excellence.

    Lagos is considered not only the best location for business in Nigeria but one of the paramount locations in the world where a business must be represented to determine and maintains its sustainability in the circle of competitors. It is the only Nigerian State where you have the highest option of transportation means ine either conveying your products or whatsoever and you should know what this means, there are very lots of transportation companies which in turn your business transportation cost; if the government should fail any system, it turns another business opportunity for you because the sandy population do not care who is providing the service, they are mainly relevant to having it rendered. The security situation is commercially business friendly because everyone believes security is their interpersonal civic responsibility.

    Lagos is blessed with vast number of marketplaces where not only Lagos residents transact but people from all over the world. It is a location where every business venture commercially make it and maintain sustainability both in local and international competitive market.

  2. Kano

    Is Kano Nigerian most populated city or second to Lagos ? Any next census would be challenged to addressed the irreconcilable head-count left behind 2006 National Census as conducted by Nigeria Population Commission. However, either Kano is the most populated or second most populated Nigerian city, the status is a winning factor to be considered in locating a business within Kano municipal. Kano City or Kano State serve as the commercial centre for the entire 19 Northern states; It is a re-routing marketplace ehere produces from the farming North is transact to anywhere across Nigeria; It is a city where every ethnic group in Nigeria visit to access cheap farm produces.

    The desert nature of the city is a boost on its motorable transportation networks; the security system is more than improving than anyone could ever thought; Access to sources of fund is encouraging as well the availability of big marketplaces that serve as window where your business can access every other Nigerian market. Kano is a city where Northern Nigerians are very busy building if it could at least meet Lagos half-way commercially. That is a great opportunity because your business grows alongside the city.

  3. Onitsha

    With reasonably number of big marketplaces and government's commitment to have built the economy of the state around the economic activities of Onitsha. The city is surely a fertile land to grow any business. It is one of the gateway cities in Nigeria, serving as entrance and exit route through the east and with its encouraging rate of both social and infrstructural development.

    Onitsha is already serving a central marketplace to the entire south-east with direct communication to the global market through Lagos window. The city is having one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria with encouraging population; access to financial institutions; hospitality; improving good road and water-way transportation networks; reliable communication system; improved security and attractive business environment. No doubt, Onitsha is deciding the Internally Generated Revenue of Anambra State.

  4. Port-Harcourt:

    Is Port-Harcourt Nigerian Oil capital or a city purposely established to host mega companies? Only the stakeholders can shed light on that, however all that is known is that Port-Harcourt is one of the viable business locations in the country. The city that is hosting multi-trillion naira multinational companies with beautiful environment and mostly populated by elites. Por-Harcourt one of the best business location recommendable to anyone wishing to setup a venture in the country.

    Social amenities are attratively available; the environment is commercially lucrative for any business because you would be transacting with, mostly elite ones who would nt want to either lack anything or talk too much over cost of item. The security situation is encouraging as your security in the city is under the security of Nigerian economy because of the oil stream. Transportation and Communication networks are better for business as well financial institution is a door step.

  5. Abuja:

    One should not be surprise if anybody asks if Abuja is a a city ? a state ? or a country ? While every qualification goes well, it would be more logical to understand Abuja is more than either a city or state but a country, Nigeria. A city that hosts central power, which means a city that hosts representatives of each and every crook and cradle of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Abuja is a city where the value of the big heads is expressed in how much they can spend in accumulating wealth.

    Though, Lagos leads in every aspect Abuja is another city with a very huge purchasing power where merely young guys are ready to tell the world their papa have more than you could ever imagine. A city where papa would find it difficult to calculate how much he escaped his treasury in the course of letting his immediate family members feel the wealth. A city where most of the residents do not believe in unit but bulk of everything.

    Considering the purchasing power, imaginary access to fund, good communication and transportation networks among other social amenities that secure the future of a business, Abuja is one of the best business locations in Nigeria to maintain sustainability.

Aso Rock Media had just looked into the five most suitable business locations in Nigeria, however there are other business locations that serve as gateway to the locations considered above. Follow reading our posts as Aso Rock Media would be examining the Gateway locations very soon. Also if you want to express more business opportunities at the locations exmained above or want to enlightened the audience with more locations and their commercial features, kindly use the comment box.


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