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ASPX is blessed with a very large number of user controls that developers can mix to design a user-friendly web application interface. Of the user controls present in the Visual Studio IDE are container user controls which are used to provide a well arranged page layout.

The container user controls are child to the page itself but at the same time serve as parent to other user controls. They have capabilities to hold other user controls and allow the added user controls to either present themselves to the users with their independent properties or inherit properties or part of properties that belong to the container itself.

Have you ever dream or already wondering on designing a web page that have two equal divisions like a newspaper page? Or Dividing your pages into a number of columns, rows or present some section of your web page with a unique set of property that would not apply to another section? All these and a very much others can be achieved using container user controls to define your web page layout.

Let us start looking into the container user interface one after the other.

DIV: Div is a mostly used container control in all web design programming language and so in ASPX. Div is used to define layout of a web page by rows, columns or both. Div is a major container in web design that it also hold other container control. Div is capable of housing plain texts, user controls or another container user controls.
Div is created and used using the following tag syntax;
Other container user control, direct user controls or plain texts here

Page: Pagination is a very important feature in any design template. A newspaper is broken into pages as a textbook is broken into pages. Taking a textbook as an instance, while a textbook page is represented by Div, each paragraph of a textbook page is the page in this context. Page itself can be to define the layout of a website. 

Consider a situation where you would want to centralize a portion of your web contents to visualize it is unique or give a marked out section of your web contents a unique color then page container control is one of the best here.

Page is another unique container control in the sense that it can hold other container control, plain text or direct user control. It can be defined and place within DIV container as coded below.      
Recall that DIV can not be nested within Page container. Continue to Part B

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