Aso Rock Quote is a database of more than a million quotes from notable events, personalities, books, and reliable origins. It is developed to keep building the viewer's inspiration, motivation, faith, love, knowledge, feeling, health, wealth, affection and wisdom across age, mood and situations.

  1. Copy the code above and paste it inside the body of your HTML code where you would want Aso Rock Inspirational Quotes be shown on your page. PHP Developers can place the code in a suitable place inside the PHP Template/Master Page which is generic to other pages while ASPX .NET Developers can place the tag in both Site.Master and Site.Mobile.Master Pages where it is believed would be inherited by all pages that referenced the master page.
  2. If you are a blogger, open to your Blog Layout >> Add New Gadget >> Choose HTML/JavaScript >> Copy an Paste the above code in the script box.
  3. Save the JavaScript implementation
  4. For Bloggers, go to your template page, click Edit HTML , Search for the Gadget containing this html tag, add mobile='yes' to the attributes of the gadget. This attribute would make the gadget visible on mobile devices.

The above code has been configured to load seperately without interfering with the contents of your website. Please, do not alter the code.

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