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How to configure Aso Rock Related to show Related Articles on your website ?

Aso Rock Related has make it more simpler to show Related Articles on your website even without having be a database administrator or paying extra-charge. The configuration is simple and implemented on your websites or blogs. The configuration is explained below;

  1. Create a free membership account on Aso Rock Media. We recommend you use a unique username relating to your website or blog name.
  2. Copy the code above and paste it inside the body of your HTML code where you would want your related articles be shown on your page. PHP developers can place the code in a suitable place inside the header page which is generic to other pages while ASPX developers can place the tag in the both the Site.Master and Site.Mobile.Master Pages where it is believed would be inherited by all pages that referenced the master page.
  3. If you are a blogger, open to your Blog Layout >> Add New Gadget >> Choose HTML/JavaScript >> Copy an Paste the above code in the script box. then proceed to step Four.
  4. Look through the copied code and locate username="".
  5. Write the username of your Aso Rock Media Account in between the ""
  6. You can as well change the number of related articles to be generated to your users by changing the value of number_of_post from '5' to your preferred number. Pending any change, its value is set to '5' which means Five Related Articles would be shown to your website or blog users.
  7. Save the JavaScript implementation
  8. For Bloggers, go to your template page, click Edit HTML , Search for the Gadget containing this html tag, add mobile='yes' to the attributes of the gadget. This attribute would make the gadget visible on mobile devices.
  9. In the case, you change the number_of_post from 5 to any higher number. Please, manipulate the section of the frame style reading 'height:500px' to greater number that will contain your new number of post.

The above code has been configured to load seperately without interfering with the contents of your website. Please, alter only those parts specified as mentioned.

Notice: Related Articles would not start displaying on your website until you start submitting your page to Aso Rock Sharer. This is simple and can be accomplished as explained here

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