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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Everyone has one thing or the other putting in to make the social media trending funnier. People express their opinion on the platform which attracts comments, likes, and shares simply people's reactions. But, reactions now have been seen landing most of the users in trouble as Facebook keeps blocking any suspicious users.

Facebook is updating its policy on a daily basis to strengthen its terms of use and make sure people are not violating other's right through the platform. One of the major steps being taken by the Facebook to control a violation of terms is blocking of the user. Any user whose action is considered violating Facebook's use term is carefully placed on a watch list which sees the Facebook administrative messaging the concerned user.

The first warning is temporary blocking at which point Facebook would alert the user that he/she has been temporarily blocked from using a specified Facebook feature says comment. But the crucial thing here is that the periodic length of the temporary blockage is not defined. However, a lot of experience have proven that the periodic length of this blockage is something between one hour to two hours. And that Facebook will take the next blockage action, which is severe, should the user should insist on the subject of the temporary blockage.

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Facebook's next blockage action is usually temporary but for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to a maximum of a month. But, consider the situation where you can access your Facebook account, see your friends' photos, posts from groups and you can not react to any one of them. It makes the platform dull, unlively and you simply decide not to log in through the time. But, at the same time, you are going to miss a lot. So, how can you prevent this long term blockage or restriction of your Facebook account to some of the social media feature is the most important here.

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You can prevent Facebook from restricting you from accessing any of its features while you must have been flagged to be suspicious. This can be achieved by simply restricting yourself from participating in any Facebook activity for at least two hours after you received the first temporary blockage or restriction message. After the period of two hours, Facebook believes that the flag was a false one and hence drop your case, clean your account and restore your account to normal.

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