One Formal Night Out inside Chinese Forbidden City, More Fun

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Forbidden City

Forgetting the natural disasters, one would be forced to ask How did the Forbidden City survive the cultural revolution ? A city where every on formal night out turn something less formal and more fun. Any access to the forbidden city unveils the history of the world largest palace. However, one will ask Why aren't architechs in earthquake regions replicating the structural genius of China's Forbidden City.

About 600 years ago, the Chinese built structures that could survive an earthquake greater than any recorded in the history of man and that is Forbidden City. The city hosts great walls and Yuanmingyuan Park which seems closer than you could ever imagine. Any one that finds himself in Forbidden city have a remark in common; Not so forbidden after all huh ?!

At Forbidden city, at least 10 strange tourists come up to take selfie with you per minute. A city that hosts about 10 million beautiful places to visit.

At Forbidden City, something came to the mind; When we move we are having hall of mental contemplation.

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