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Era of world football is always about discussing cummulative player performances though the current competition seems never occured in the history of football. It is either only Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldino but never two confusing players. It is very hard and seemingly never to clear to chose the only best player in the world. However, the race is clearly between two football players while others only seems to be joining the league of best on a short term run. It is either Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo or Barcelona Lionel Messi.

These two players have played very fine in their respective clubs though with areas of differences. The two players have won major trophies both at club and continental matches though Ronaldo has won international cup with his country side which Messi has not yet won.

The debate of 'who is the best between these two wonderful players is still a very difficult think for the world football giants to determine. Different people giving different accounts of these superb players based on views and the suuprising aspect is that the views are well backed up with facts of good performances from these players.

Messi is purely a Barcelona product but Ronaldo would be a success anywhere in the world---Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United ex-Manager.
The ball stays glues to his foot; I have seen great players in my career, but I have never seen anyone with Messi's ball control--- Diego Maradona, ex Argetine National Football Team Manager.
Messi is a magician while Ronaldo is a general--- Blatter, Former FIFA President.

Points of contribution are:

  • Who do you think, in your own opinion, is the best player between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ?
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