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Nigerian Senate under the Senate Presidency of Sen. Bukola Saraki has hinted at incresing pumbing prices of furel, diesel, kerosene to facilitate the implementation the proposed National Roads Fund. The senate also resolved to other 'charges and surcharges in order to cash in as enough as required in implementing the proposed National Roads Fund. The 8th Assembly always proposed the sales or reduction of the country's shares in some oil and gas assets.

The pump price if increased will see the countrymen buying petrol at about N150 per litre while kerosene and diesel will sell at higher prices which in return will have an adverse effect on the cost ofdomestic commodities in the market. Also, selling of national shares from oil and gas assets will see the country adding to the current high rate of unemployment in the counntry.

Though, Trade Union Congress and National Labour Congress have warned the senates through the presidency and authority concerned to stand on the senate to avoid actualising the planned hike in pump price.

Points of contribution are:

  • How will feel if petrol increases to N150/litre though with good road network ?
  • Food prices will go up, border is closed. How do you think the fittest will survive ?
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