Moving your business online, What you must know to maximise profit

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Business is generally known as an act of buying and selling of goods and services which takes place in the marketplace. This give rise to questions like what are the Goods ? the Services ? and the Marketplace ? Some experts define business as an act of exchanging commodities where the commodities might be goods, services, money or kind. It is pertitent to crucially look at how commodity could be exchanged to make business online. A point of order is with this terminologies and definition, how could a business takes place effectively in an online platform ? But, it would be more encouraging to look into how businesses can succeed on various online platforms. This will lead us to examining various online platforms providing opportunities for business promotion to booast sales.


A very large network of majorly matured people. Twitter is designed for and being widely used by elderly ones who are either enterpreneurs, innovators, stars or professionals in their various profession. It is a media network where you acnnot just write to your lenght, you would have to shorten it to make the best of the sense. Businesses might fint it difficult to make use of twitter though it is encouraging as it quickly reveals what you offer to the viewers. When you send a tweet, there is tendency that over 90% of those that sees it would read because it is not lenghty, it is not more than a glance of an eye.

Another merit on promoting businesses on twitter is that it wired or let us rather say, it registers your business fastly on the record of other businesses. With billions of users, the use of hashtag and ability to boast rhe visibility of your post by including twitter mention, twitter is good place to promote your business online and get instant feedback from your clients. You can setup twitter username (e.g @AsoRockMedia on twitter) which you can easily use to promote your twitter page for business.


Facebook is a very big online platform providing opportunities for anyone who wish to utilise them. Business Owners can promote their goods or services via various communities on facebook. Business Owners can create Facebook group and add up friends to the group which will serve as information desk for the business. Facebook group can serve as a business community where Business Owner announces introduction of new products, new offers, cut in price, improvement in either quantity or quality among other business related information. The major advantage of Facebook group is that the visibility of any post published by the Business Owner is widely received by members of the group though its shortcomings are adressed by the Facebook Page. Facebook page almost serve the same purpose as Facebook group though with wide variery of resources which group is lacking. For instance, facebook page would enable a business to have username (e.g asorockng for Aso Rock Media Facebook Page) which can be easily used to either search or locate the page on the facebook search box. Also, facebook page allows feedback, visible to the Business Owner only as well integrated Call to Action button which might be configured to lead your page followers to either your official website, send SMS, Mail or facebook message to you. It might also be used to promote your shopping link to your page followers.

However, Facebook is not comming with its own shortfall for any business owner that really mean business as facebook term would not allow business owners to paly the game according to the full regulations that guide the business. Also, facebook page is not flexible because you do not have access to the source code rendering the contents. Facebook layout is more than fixed, it is stagnant, not dynamic and impossible to design the page to suit either your business brands or make the page economically attractive by rendering different section serving what your business provides.


The largest social media network in the world is the community of mainly professionals. Unlike twitter, Linkedln is more or less like combination of both facebook and twitter, where you can write as lenghty as much post you like with rich images but your post is limited to your business connection. Your business is promoted only to those that are really your business rivals, the reason is that when you create a Linkedln account you would be required to chose a profession which will constitute majority of your connections.

Linkedln is good at promoting your business to sister businesses that will professionally be in need of your business services. If you could gain one here, it is like you are endorsed by million clients because it is alway a big contract.


Blogspot being powered by Google is a very big online platform which provides website templates to businesses to either showcase their goods or services or serve as a landing page where costumers interact with the business. Blogspot is very far more than social media, it is a collection of website templates which allows business owners to edit its contents, layout and to an extent its physical appearances.

Blogspot is good for business to reach out to the world in a mature way as it gives the operator access to the Hypertext Mark Up Language (HTML) rendering the page. Unlike the social media networks, Bloggers allows business operators to have its Universal Resources Locator, URL, that matches and best describe the name of the business to the intending customers. Consider being used by British Broadcasting Corporation, it fastly denotes that BBC is a corporate firm operating from the United Kingdom. As well, you can consider qucikly denotes that resources residing on the web pages being pointed to by the url belong to Microsoft Corporation. This does not only give your business more brand but makes it easier for your clients to locate new offers on stock and related information attached to each.


Wordpress is almost the same as bloggers only that wordpress is rather more advance that it grant both hosted and template websites. It is widely being used by major companies, mostly news outlets to shoot trendings to the world. Integrating your business to wordpress makes your business very much available in the hands of your customers, drives in more customers and gives you opportunities to tell more about your products to the potential customers who would like to make transaction with you.

Build your business website

In the old days, you brought your business to the customers door step or meet at an open marketplace, this days it is more than that. One will wonder how a new school: University; Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Secondary Schools or even Training Institutes would display their services to in any marketplace if not for consumption of online resources. One will wonder how a business representative residing in Lagos, Nigeria would be simultaneously transacting with clients from United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirate, Germany, France, Ghana, Abuja, Lagos, and Port-Harcourt, had it been limited to the physical marketplace but by migrating your business to an online website you will have ylour business performing even while you would be sleeping.

Creating your own website would give you total control over the contents of your website, how it looks, what it renders, how to get it done and other reasonable business plans as might suite your business.

With your own website, you can setup payment gateway where customers can order for what you render, make payment and even have their order processed without your intervention. This gives you complete control over what behavior your website display, ability to analyse detreminant factors relating where most of your sales come from and optimize your business idea to make more profit returns by making more sales. No matter how small your business looks, once integrated online with your business website in place, it becomes more easier for you to even advertise your business to the whole world.

Considering the highlighted factors above, it would be more encouraging and convincing every business of any cadre moves online, restrategise and advertise the business in a more civil ways to reach more targets, increase sales and maximize profits.

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