Unbelievable: A ritualist who committed raping, murder escaped from police net

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There was confusion in Port-Harcourt on Monday when it was learned that one Ifeanyi Dike who was alleged of raping an eight-year-old girl to death has escaped from police custody where he was being kept.

Dike was arrested for raping an eight-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso to death after which he removed her vital organs. It is believed that Dike is intended to use the girl for ritual purpose.

According to Dr. Ernest Nmezuwuba who is Victory's father, the suspect had capitalized on the darkness within the Rivers State Criminal Investigation Department to escape the police custody. Dr. Ernest was at the police SCID when the suspected killer of his daughter escaped the police custody.

While speaking on a live radio program, Dr. Ernest revealed that the suspected killer and ritualist escaped the custody because his handcuffs were unlocked by a policeman whose name was disclosed to be Johnbosco. Johnbosco unlocked the handcuffs to allow the criminal to write his statement which he failed to lock after the suspected criminal had written his statement. He said Dike escaped from police while being taken back to the cell.

Dr. Ernest said: "We were there with the suspect in handcuffs. When we got to the state CID, there was no light in the entire State CID. I wrote my statement with a candle; imagine a whole state CID (without light). Then, Johnbosco removed the handcuffs from the suspects' hands for him (the suspect) to write his statement.

"At a point, the boy (Dike) said he was thirsty and johnbosco said I should buy pure water for him and I asked him; John, Are you crazy? Is something wrong with you? Why would you ask me to buy water for a person that killed my daughter? Why would I buy water for a ritualist? And I told johnbosco that it was none of my business.

Dr. Ernest believed that the process was a plan work and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who expressed dissatisfaction with the incident had order Johnbosco be handcuffed and remanded until the escaped suspect is re-arrested.

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