Breaking: Nigerian Police releases phone line in case any police dupe or threaten you

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Nigerian Police Force has released phone lines to launch complains in case any police officer dupe or attempt to dupe you. THe Force is being restructured to deal seriously with corrupt policemen who are saddled with various degree of humiliating Nigerian populace for no judicial reason.

Recall that the Force authority recently dismissed about four police officers in Ogun State after the policemen roped a man who they monitored while entering into a bank make withdrawal of fund. The man was forced by the policemen to agree to an allegation of being Yahoo boy fraudster. He was duped of #50,000 on the point. He later make complain to other police station after which thorough investigations exposed the evil act of the police officers who must have been successfully committing the offence.

To control indiscipline among the police Force, Polce Headquarters, Abuja has released hotlines to called if any policeman attempt to dupe you or deprieve you of your any of your human right.

The numbers are:

  • 0805700001
  • 0805700002
  • 0805700003

However, Aso Rock Media would want to implore the general populace to notice the Police Identification Number on their Uniform of simply their Name, Facial Identity and Adapted Locations you can always use to lead the Force Authority identify any suspected Police Officer for proper justifications.

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